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Eugenio Becherucci

Guitar Improvisations - Eugenio Becherucci

date: 2010-06-07

time: 14:39 min.

size: 19MB

enc: 192Kbps

style: classica, improvvisazione

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Guitar Improvisation

“Improvisation enjoys the curious distinction of being both the most widely practised of all musical activities and the least acknowledged and understood. While it is today present in almost every
area of music, there is an almost absence of information about it.”
Derek Bailey, Improvisation Its nature and Practice in Music.
The AlchEmistica Idea to bring its contribution to the world of improvisation continues with the “Guitar Improvisation Project (GIT)
programme aiming to highlight a practice that is becoming more and more popular with many guitar players
devoted to contemporary music but with clear academic roots: free Improvisation. Derek Bailey, a great master in
improvisation music, wrote the marvellous book “Improvisation Its nature and Practice in Music”, to which this project has been dedicated. He said
that there is a great lack of information and documents about improvisation. With this project AlchEmistica aims to fill this lack, at least in part. All musics have been recorded under the Creative Commons license: this allows free downloading and reciprocal exchange of all music files within a strictly cultural and non commercial purpose leaving, at the same time, the music ownership to the musicians so that they can withdraw them at any time or register under a SIAE license in order to release them through a customary Label at any time.
Master Eugenio Becherucci decided to take part himself in this initiative by recording with his classic guitar three
improvisations pieces under the mentioned Creative Commons license. These three pieces, whose original
and allusive titles are on_e ecccctitoli titoli, represent the second release by the Alchemsitica netlabel
("sister" of Laverna netlabel) committed to the world of classical and contemporary music through
dedicated releases issued under Creative Commons licence.

Translation by: Simona Taffurelli


  • 2016-05-15

    Terrah: The Dior 'Amber Diamond' highlighter looks fab on you! I think you could have put less of the "olive sumptuous" eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eye, however, that color goes amazingly well with the color of your eyes... Not sure th

  • 2010-07-31

    I'm so sorry and I hope you re: Keep it to yourself or form a trio.

  • 2010-06-11

    Lorenzo (microeventi): Benvenuto e complimenti per questa splendida improvvisazione.

  • 2010-06-07

    Empedocle70: benvenuto Eugenio!

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